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Kathy Needs Your Help...

Her story below: 

Kathy's Story... Updated...4/29/2010

A 55 year old, disabled women, will be evicted any day now.  She was declared disabled on March 20, 2010, after being hit by a car.  However, she will not receive her benefits until June 20, 2010.  During her fight for disability benefits, she has depleted every cent and as worked hard at getting the help she needs, but is still coming up short. The state has said they can not help her until she is homeless or in a shelter.  That terrifies her!

Kathy is a good, honest and giving person, but just like so many people right now, she is facing the fear that she will soon be out on the street, living out of her car. 

I have set up this website to Inspire Hope for people just like Kathy.  My desire is to show the world that people still do have compassionate hearts and are willing to reach out and help when others are in need. 

We are trying to raise enough money for Kathy to pay her rent and security deposit and enough money to live on and pay for expenses, the basics, until she receives her benefits.  Her choices are modest and she will not be taking advantage of the help that is given.  

Kathy has vowed and promised to all that help her this promise:  "I will give back whatever amount is given to me by paying it forward to others who are in need or to a charity that YOU choose. 

This site is set up so that when you give to the person who is listed on this site, you can choose for the exact amount you be given the charity of your choice or donate it to this site, Inspire Hope Relief Community...a community website set up for the sole purpose of helping people in need. 

Please help Kathy today, give a donation from your heart and you will be blessed. 

Inspire Hope Relief Community Thanks You for your support! 


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All donations are monitored and given directly to the person in need.  A thorough screening is completed to determine authenticity and validity of the need and of the person requesting help.  It is determined by the sole discretion of Joyce Segers, owner of this site that the person is qualified to receive the help that he/she is requesting.  If you or someone you know is in need of immediate help, please contact us with a brief story about their situation and we will send you an application to Inspire Hope.  Just click on "contact us" at the top left corner of this webstie.  Thank You for your interest, your gifts, and for Inspiring Hope in others and in your community.

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